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Through Life’s Ebbs & Flows,

Your Financial House Should Remain Sturdy

Fee-Only Financial Planning in OCALA, MARION COUNTY & virtually throughout Florida

Start with a Conversation

Building & Maintaining a Financial Plan to

Support Your Evolving Life

We work one-on-one with our clients to understand their stories and refine their personal finances. Our goal is to educate, advocate, and empower towards your peace of mind, freedom, and happiness.

We Are Your Partner in Making Your Finances a Source of Calm

Not turmoil. Not uncertainty. Not confusion.

Providing value beyond just the dollars

Know what’s going on with your money.

Through an educational approach, our clients gain greater understanding of their financial pictures.

Receive whole-picture guidance.

We provide advice that considers your entire situation, your life, and your overarching goals. 

Have a clear plan.

Keep more of your wealth, organize your finances, and align towards financial health with a proper plan.

Gain a personal partner.

We are here as a trusted confidant and ongoing guide to advise and educate throughout your life.

What Makes Us Different:


No commissions to earn, and no AUM. Just a simple, straightforward fee.


Our recommendations are in your best interest. Looking out for you is ingrained in who we are.


Not influenced by higher management, we can serve each client how we believe is most beneficial for them.

Hi, I’m Diana Yates.

I believe everyone deserves to have peace of mind around their money. So why is that so difficult to come by? Maybe you haven’t had someone to guide the process. Or perhaps you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with an advisor who didn’t provide guidance in your best interest, but to earn a commission.

As a fee-only financial planner, my focus is on who you are personally. Product sales are never part of the equation, and everything is done through an easy-to-understand fee. I learn about your concerns, aspirations, and what opportunities lie in your financial picture as we build your wealth plan. And through a judgement-free partnership together, you are free to express yourself, ask questions, and gain the clarity you’ve been looking for in your financial life. That’s what it means to me to be an advisor—and an advocate—for my clients. Ready? Let’s begin.

Learn More About Diana

Let’s get your finances in order.

We offer customized services through two main options:

Explore Our Services


Project-Based Planning

Creating a holistic financial plan.


Hourly Financial Planning

& Consultation Services

Advising for specific areas or questions.

Set Up Time to Talk

Whether you’re just crafting your life and establishing financial goals or you’re already enjoying retirement, we can help.

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