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Working with Yates Financial Planning

Here’s What Our

Collaboration Will Look Like

From day one of meeting you, our focus is on getting to know your unique set of circumstances and the goals you have. The financial planning process is an opportunity to not only build a wealth strategy, but a strong relationship together—one that can support you as your life shifts and changes over time. We look forward to embarking with you to simplify your finances and get everything strategically organized. Take a closer look at what you can expect below:

1. Introductory Phone Call

In a 20-minute call, we’ll assess a mutual fit, build rapport, and share about our firm. If there’s a match, we will schedule another meeting either virtually or in person. A questionnaire to complete for the next meeting will be provided. You are also encouraged to bring in documents that you would like included in the planning process.

2. Discovery & Proposal Meeting

Focusing on your concerns, needs, and goals will allow us to understand your unique needs and objectives. You will have an opportunity to go into depth about your situation and we’ll share how we can help. By the end of this meeting, we will have a good understanding of the complexity of your situation and provide a quote for services.

3. Get Organized

You will receive a list of any information needed to get started on the financial plan. We will review information, objectives, and goals while helping you get organized.

4. Explore Possibilities

We will analyze and evaluate your current financial status. Next, we will test many scenarios and strategies to increase the probability of you reaching your objectives.

5. Plan Presentation

We will have a meeting to review your personal financial plan and the recommendations. You will have an action plan with steps to take to implement your plan. If you would like assistance to implement your plan, you’ll be able to request our services.

6. Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is available as needed. Annual reviews are encouraged.

Ready to Get Started?

Begin with Your Introductory Call